Web Education

The current state of my studies in website development would probably be average compared to most students. Although I've noticed that I do need notes or guidlines for assistance, rather than memorizing everything.

One of the factors I need to work on is cleaning up visual mistakes on websites to make them easier to navigate. An area I can be good with and want to improve is the adjustment of image size and resolution for different platforms.

Portfolio intent

This portfolio's purpose is to show the strongest skills I have learned through my years in college. The majority will be visual and layout design because of my background in art.

Just the design of the main page alone was enough to impress me, which is a good sign for employers. There's a grid layout of diverse examples of the designer's creativity and pleasing asthetic.

Overall great organization compared to a lot of the sites I've been researching. The main page grid clearly shows what's in each category with hardly any confusion with a cool appearance.

Cool site where designers can post logos, designs and even mini tutorials. Defenitly worth a look if you're out of ideas.

Amazing transitions and sophistication. Since this is done by a studio the quality is of course different from a college student, but not impossible.

The designs featured on the site are impressive, just not fond of the layout with the dropdown menu being centered and the images being so oddly placed and mostly unaligned.

Beautiful art all around ranging from realistic to just basic facial features. Still feel inspired to draw my own works of similar art.