Multimedia 2

This my multimedia 2 website

Emmalee Sitaras

I prefer Greece to coding in Bruce's class. Haha.


2.3: jQuery Mobile Demo

2.4: Mine (Something good)

2.1 UX Lululemon:

Lululemon is a great app. It has a section for a blog/news feed with 4 categories (Yoga, Run, Training and water). Where people can see all the updates and utilities that Lululemon has to offer. They also have a find your stores section on the app which allows you to find your nearest location and see if they have the product you want in stock.

2.1 UX VarageSale:

(my personal favorite)

Verage sale is an app to buy and sell your stuff. You can put anything but animals on it. I really like this app because you can buy and sell your product within where you live. When I first got this app it asked me if i want to join the "west island comunity". You have to be invited to your own region. And they had to accept me. They also have a section on your profile to "parase" someone after you buy there product and other people can see if you answer your messages fast or slow. I find VarageSale more trust worthy then Kijiji and any other buy and sell your own stuff app.

2.1 UX Kijijiji:

Everyone knows the Kijiji website. But is it better on the moblie app? I think it is. They kept there colour scheme as is and they kept it very simple. Personaly its not very nice looking. But it works and i havent come accross any bugs.

Personal Project

My pesonal project has been changed and it is at the bottom labbled "I am redoing my personal project".

Ex 3.1 statement of purpose

Is to draw attention to the client.

Ex 3.2 reserch

My and then there is this one with unity in all her branding elements. Sydney has a description right away witch i like a lot my favorite

3 portfolio

My portfolio will look something like this...


4.2 personal project plan

I am redoing my personal project

I have designed an agenda for my personal project. I believe in all the years of work in all my classes a project to create your wont agenda should be one of our tasks. So I have created an agenda with InDesign. Its personalized depending on the hours I work and when I mostly want to do my tasks. I can see when the dates are for the next 3 months, I also wanted to write down my projects and assignments with their deadlines so I can be better prepared for the weeks to come.

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