Multimedia 2

This my multimedia 2 website

Emmalee Sitaras

I prefer Greece to coding in Bruce's class. Haha.


2.3: jQuery Mobile Demo

2.4: Mine (Something good)

2.1 UX Lululemon:

Lululemon is a great app. It has a section for a blog/news feed with 4 categories (Yoga, Run, Training and water). Where people can see all the updates and utilities that Lululemon has to offer. They also have a find your stores section on the app which allows you to find your nearest location and see if they have the product you want in stock.

2.1 UX VarageSale:

(my personal favorite)

Verage sale is an app to buy and sell your stuff. You can put anything but animals on it. I really like this app because you can buy and sell your product within where you live. When I first got this app it asked me if i want to join the "west island comunity". You have to be invited to your own region. And they had to accept me. They also have a section on your profile to "parase" someone after you buy there product and other people can see if you answer your messages fast or slow. I find VarageSale more trust worthy then Kijiji and any other buy and sell your own stuff app.

2.1 UX Kijijiji:

Everyone knows the Kijiji website. But is it better on the moblie app? I think it is. They kept there colour scheme as is and