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exercise 1.1

During this long summer, I enjoyed working on serveral projects for my Concordia portfolio. I also found an amazing website where they give free programming tutorials related to HTML, CSS, javascript and others. Here's the link to it:https://www.codecademy.com/.

Now, how far am I into programming? Well, not far, but it's getting there.There's still some tiny things that are confusing sometimes such as class and id,but I always look it up if I don't remember something.

I believe that before learning something new, I should maybe patch the little mistakes that I keep making. However, what I would like to be capable doing is creating an entire mobile app and amazing website from head to toe without any confusions. Big challenge? Yes.

Here are a few examples of my best web work that I did:

  • Grades Freak
  • Simple shop
  • For now these are the ones that I believe that they are the best, but I'm aiming to make each one of my projects better.

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