Hello! My name is Nesreen Galal,born on the 21st of December 1997. I have been into art ever since I was eight thanks to my grandfather and my mother who are artists. My favourite painter is Van Gogh. They are all my inspirations which lead me to become a graphic designer. I am happy to do what I love. Well anyways, since you know a bit about me, time to see my projects!

Write a brief summary of where you are at in your web development education.

I know a bit of php and javascript. I am better at html and css. I know how to do an animation loop. I still think I am not good enough. I need to practice more and more to be better. I also know jQuery but I want to be better at it.

What are some things you would like to learn?

Better at creating a visual website and not a boring one. Love to be better at Javascript and PHP.

Personal Project

Vintage, Vapor Wave, classic, and surrealism inspired edits and gifs of classic musicians,painters and actors.

Tumblr Website (still in progress), no bootstrap was used.


See my work and a little about me.


Blue Walking Ball

Frame by Frame loop. We drew four illustrations and then we created a spirte sheet to have an animation.

Link to animation!

Mobile app

Movie Dice

Link to mobileapp!

Link to tutorial!

Portfolio notes,researches and descriptions

What do I want to achieve?, and some portfolios that I really liked and call to action

link to the website!

Personal Project description

Details about my project

link to the website!


We had to do at least 5 transitions using javascript and css. With a little help from W3schools.com for the tab transition but modified.

Link to animations!


Our job this time was to create wireframes for a search engine named GLAZZZ. That was really cool because it was our first time creating wireframes, using illustrator or indesign. Done with Maryam.

Link to exercise!

Axe Exhibition

This is a project done by Maryam and I. It's about a photogallery exhibition. We had to do the wireframes, style tile and explain how the exhibition website will look like and interface without doing any coding. It's about visualtion.

Link to project!

Exercise game

This was a tough one but it was worth it! We had to understand each step in creating a game with a tutorial provided. Done with Maryam.

Link to game!

Save the Jimbo!

Thanks to the exercise game that we did above, we got the basics and now we had to modify it to make it unique and different. With different characters, designs, and modified javascript and sounds in the background. I did it with Maryam. Hope you win! (Audio taken from youtube. Wind by Jojikiba and thunder by Iwan Sounds and DIY )

Link to the game!

3 mobile apps

We had to summarize and have our opinion on 3 mobile apps and talk about their UX, IA and UI.

Link to web app analysis!


Jquery Mobile app demo

We had to create a jquery demo app following an online tutorial.

Link to Jquery demo app!

Jasonette demos

We had to create jasonette demos.

Link to jasonette!