Chris Thomson

I'm Chris Thomson, i'm a graphic designer and musician from montreal studying at vanier college in micromedia and hyperpublishing technology.

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Photo By Anna Kiraly

My Hobbies

I consider myself a guitarist but i also play the bass, the drums, the piano, the theramin, the harmonica and the spoons! im very passionate about music and listen to it everyday. i have an extensive music collection as well. i have hundreds of CDs, Vinyl records and Thousands and thousands of audio files.

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Nick Babich's Article

Nick Babich's Popular Web Animation Techniques article talks about animations like the title indications and about the different animations that can be used in websites to make them more interactive and fun to visit, it also distract the users while they are waiting for something to load. The different types of animations shown in the articles are progress animation, skeleton screens, hover animation, attracting attention animation, state change without hard cuts and storytelling long scrolling.

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Catalin Miron's Article

In this acrticle, A Beginner’s Introduction to CSS Animation mr. Miron talks about CSS3 animations can help youre viewers eye to be lead to one place or another. he also has a cool tutorial where he shows 2d animations and key frams like the one above. its a very cool tool (nice rhyming) that web developers should use more often because it really adds another layer of user experience that just straight HTML wont get you.

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Aaron Kitney's article

this "article" is aptly named 20 stunning examples of CSS3 animation. it is a list of a bunch of cool animations and their raison d'etre in thir place. mostly he talks about the ease of interaction with the site and making its porpose obvious and easy to navigate.

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