Welcome to Rukhshan's Multimedia 2 Website

Web Apps Analysis

For our first assigment in Multimedia Presentations 2 class, we had to analyse 3 web apps. Here's the link to it.

JQuery Mobile Demo

For our second project, we had to work with Jquery Mobile. For best results, use a mobile device to view this page. This is the link to the demo.

Jasonette Demo

We had to make a Jasonette demo for our next assignment. I used a blog demo. This is the link to the assignment.

Portfolio & Research

We had to write our goals for the portfolio we are making. We also had to research some other portfolios and write about them. Here it is. As for my portfolio, Here is my link.

Personal Project

We had to make a personal project as a part of this class. We also had to do some research and planning beforehand. My project is a WordPress website for a client. This is the link to the webpage

SaReGaMa Exhibit

We had to make a webpage where we document a website for a museum exhibit for our third project. It was a team project and my teammate was Sundus. This is the link to the exhibit page.