Brandon Aspromonte

Welcome to my website

My name is Brandon Aspromonte, to the outside world I am just an ordinary student, but to my friends at Vanier College, I am incredibly hated :(

This is the link to the game "Asteroid Belt" Fred and I made last semester.

This is the UI/UX Analysisassignment. We were asked to evaluate other websites/moblie apps and to say what things were good and bad for the user.

This is the JQuery Mobile assignment. This is still a work in progress but you can check out what I have done so far.

This is the Jasonette assignment. We use jasonette to turn the code into a native mobile app.

Here you will find Portfolio's of some other people that I thought were cool in different ways.

This is my Portfolio you'll find some of my projects in here that I thought you should see

This is my Personal Project I give a little description on our project goals, our audience and other things. Check it out!