Outside the Box title

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Once upon a time there was a little boy who was as afraid as a cat in water.

 Scared Boy

He lived in a small box.
There he hid from the world and his mom and dad.

It was his safety den.

Everywhere he went, day and night, the little boy would take his precious box with him.

There was no way the boogeyman was going to get him!

Bath time

He would throw a fit if people tried to take his friend away.

Bath time

Nobody could make him go outside the box.
Not even a cool new toy or a slice of his favorite cake.

  • It’s time for dinner, come downstairs! I made you your favorite cake…
  • No! I want to stay in my box. The monster is going to get me if I leave it.
Boy in Bed

Time passed and he and the square box were still together like glue.
However, the little box was starting to look sad and droopy.

Sad Box
  • Oh, no. it’s falling apart.
  • Mommy help me fix my box!
  • Sorry, I think the box is trying to say goodbye.
  • But I don’t want to!

The box he cherished so much wasn’t a box anymore.
The boy knew it was time to step outside.

He had to.
And so, he did.

Little by little he took tiny steps towards the “scary” world.

Boy Stepping Outside the Box

Finally, he took his last step and waved goodbye to his best friend..

He looked around and saw that there was no monster.


He didn’t need the box, he was already brave without it!

He discovered that the world is not as scary as he thought.

The End.