Samuel Chuang

What could possibly go wrong?

Welcome to my Home Page

Hello guys! My name is Samuel and welcome to my home page! I am a student in the Hypermedia and Micropublishing program at Vanier College. I live in a small city that no one knows about called Pincourt. Google it. It's far. I know. I was born in Montreal in 1998, so I'm 18 years old right now. My parents immigrated from Taiwan to here more than 25 years ago.

In this website, you'll find some cool projects that I've done in school. Have fun!

My goals

I am hoping to graduate from this program first of all. Becoming a web and graphic designer will be a unique and awesome experience. I would also like to become a pilot. Not a commercial pilot! Just a private pilot. I recently did my entrancce exam and interview with the cadet program. If I get accepted, I will be learning to fly during this summer. Wish me luck!

EX 2.4

Nick Babich's article is a really useful article that explains all the effects that the animations can make to our website. By adding animations, we can make the website look a lot more interesting and interactive. He wrote that we need to think of animation as a natural part of design. I think that this is true since it’s getting harder to find a website without animations. I think that all the web designers should read this article at least once for their websites. I really like the idea of having a loading screen for the website since without it, websites could feel like it’s taking forever to load.

You can find the article here: Popular web Animations techniques Watch my custom animations here: Some Fun Animation Stuff


I am a musician. I like to play intruments such as the bass, the drums, the piano and I just started with the guitar. I can listen to almost any kind of songs such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz and even Country. I love to travel. My family and I travel about 2 times a year. I also like to make cool videos of my vacations. I like to ski, although it's been more than a year since I didn't ski. I also have an interest in aviation. I am hoping to become a private pilot soon.


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Other Webtech2 Exercises

Since this website is going to get messy if I continue to fill it with Webtech 2 exercises, you can find my other exercises Here

Patrick? Is that you?

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