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I'm Courtney Joe.
I am a graphic designer
and aspiring artist.


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In short, I'm Courtney Joe, a graphic designer.

Welcome to my digital portfolio!

Words About Me

A hardworking graphic designer who is very eager to work and start creating. Throughout my studying, I’ve developed an eye for design, expanded my team-working skills and developed the ability to work on different creative projects. In my spare time, I like to illustrate, video edit and blog.

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Here are the projects I've produced throughout my graphic design career.

Life Insurance Book Cover

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The Insurance and Financial Services program at Vanier College approached our class to design the cover for their new textbooks. I worked with three classmates to create this series. The most challenging part of this project was finding a design that would conceptualize insurance and safety and be cohesive throughout the four books. Our solution was to use pictograms overlapped on photographs, and we used different colours for each book.

Montreal This Week Newsletter

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Montreal This Week was one of the projects that helped me learn how to work as a designer. The instructions were to create a publication with different weekly themes for tourists in Montreal. This was, at first, hard to plan because we had to find the content, pictures and a design grid that would be able to stay the same throughout every week even if the theme was different. In the end, it was one of the most enjoyable projects because it gave me a sense of my design personality.

Visual Poetry

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This by far was one of my favorite projects because illustrative typography . The assignment was to illustrate a poem supplied by my teacher. I decided to give it a typographic approach. After the research and thumbnail sketch stage, I added a gradient to the words to make it look like champagne bubbles, which was the focus of my poem. This is definitely the type of project I would like to work on again.

MMFA Guidebook

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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibition booklet was a challenging project because I had to make sure each spread would work with different texts and photos. A big part of the project was to be able to do style formatting for text and photographs. After going over three different drafts, I found a design that was dynamic and colourful, without taking too much away from the museum pieces.

Wine Label

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For this wine label project, our inspiration came from a period in art history. This was a challenge because I wanted my illustration to show creativity and originality. I chose to use an abstract design in my wine label because it gave me a chance to work with various colors and shapes in Illustrator. Each shape in the design was drawn and placed by hand.


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Illustration of Amanda Khamkaew, done for a personal project, using Adobe Isllustration and InDesign

Assault Poster

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Student Services approached our teacher to have us create posters for students at Vanier College. The task was to create a poster for sexual assault awareness. I decided to illustrate a hand cutting a flower and taking it without permission as a metaphor for taking advantage of someone. I believe this is a straightforward message but has a different take from than PSA posters due to its subtlety.

6 Word Story

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Illustration for a six word story, written by me. Illustration done on Adobe Illustrator.

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