Donna R. Chemali

"Become who you are"


About Me! Ex2.1

My name is Donna Rita Chemali but you can call me Donna. I'm half, lebanese half American but born and raised in Montreal. I study at Vanier College, an english cegep, in Micropublishing and Hypermedia.


Hobbies Ex2.2

I love spending time with my friends, love going out (mostly downtown) and chill somewhere. During cold day or sometimes when I feel like it, I just lay down in my bed and watch Netflix. I also like to travel, different countries, and learning about them!


Goals Ex2.3

I don't really know what I would like to be in the future. I just know I want to be something related to Design, so maybe a Designer. For now, I'm just thnking of finishing my studies and see to where life will guide me.

Ex. 2.4 Animation Articles

Nick Babich's Article

Nick Babich creates web animations to make a interesting and pleasant website and to guide people's attention to not get bored while they wait.

What I liked the most is the Hover Animation where you only hover your mouse to an object and it modifies without clicking on it. For me, it is really nice and interesting and fun doing it.

Nick Babich's Article »

Tubik Studio's Article

This article is similar to Nick Babich's article. It talks about Microinteraction related to UI/UX design. It shows different type of Animations more fun and pleasant to do.

I loved how the article shows different types of animations. What I liked is the "Pull-down-to-refresh animation". For example, on snapchat, when you pull down the page where all the people put stories, you get the little snapchat logo, changing colors, for refreshing the page. I found it really cool and pleasant.

Tubik Studio's Article »

Rebecca's Article

I read Rebecca's article and really enjoyed how the article explain how to cr4eate an animations step by stepp. It explain how to do the basic animations and the code are there so it would be easier to simply copy/paste.

Rachel Cope's Article »

Keyframe Animation Ex.2.5

Animating with JS Ex.2.6

Animation Project