Britney Cassey Billote

"Courage is the magic that makes you dreams into reality."

-Richter Abend

About Me

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I'm a 17 year old girl who loves all forms of art. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and I'm currently studying at Vanier College in Micromedia.


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My hobbies include, of course, making art. I typically like to draw a lot and I always carry a sketchbook whenever I have the need to draw. I'm also a musician. In high school, I studied playing the flute and I would like to continue playing in the future as a hobby. In addition, I love playing video games during my free time.

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My Future Plans

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I aim to become a graphic and web designer, or basically be involved in any kind of career that includes art. I might be aiming a little high, but I someday would like to work for Sega, the video gaming company that created my favourite gaming fanchise, Sonic the Hedgehog.