Antoine M. Nikolaidis

Welcome to my world of fashion and sneakers.

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About me

My name is Antoine Nikolaidis, 17 years old, born on april 12, 1999. As some of you's already know i have a weird obssesion over luxury; high fashion clothing and collecting very limited sneakers that not everyone can get their hands on. Most of you's will think oh it's daddys' money which is unfortunately not true. My parents havent bought me a pair of shoes since secondary 2. I Started off cutting neighbors grass, shuveling their property during the winter, taking out their garbage for a couple of dollars. Then realized that i am lucky enough to be collecting limited sneakers and could maybe make a couple more dollars selling them for more than i have bought them for and started working for real at the age of 16 and have been working since just to be able to afford what i can get my hands on when it comes to clothing and limited sneakers. About a year ago me and 2 other friends decided we want to do something with our lives and started designing clothing and have officailly decide to open our own clothing brand. We've worked hard and long to make it happen and have been going around schools as well as family and friends of ours.

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Vencera being the name of my clothing brand with my 2 friends, Matteo Venditolli and Rafelle Macera. We have been working on the design of the clothing and everything for about close to 2 yearrs now. After having spoken to many manufaturers and many owners of big retailers and e-commerce website we have decided to really make our dream of making our own clothes come true. Soon coming our way our clothes will soon be ready to go for sale in stores and on our website.

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My sneaker hobby have been going on for around 3 years now, having to save my money for my shoes was very hard until i found a good paying job, Camping outside of a store for a couple of days is regular forr me but not so much for others. Making new friends every campout to now seeing them every couple of weeks at campout for shoes. My sneaker collection consist of maybe 50 pairs of shoes and calculating all of the prices they go for now my sneaker colleccting might be worth close to $6000 even maybe more.

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Nick Babich

Nick Babich is somebody that makes web animation focusing on trying to make peoples`life fun and more entertaining while surfing through the web. Using web animation such as a skeleton screen which is a screen that gradually pops on your screen while loading instead of popping all at once. I find one of the most useful and creative animationn he as done and making a loading page or a set-up page entertaaining with some cool effects and animations, such as a plane going from one city to another letting you know that the page is loading. Very creative and enjoyable.

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