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Exercise 2.1-Mobile First

Mobile First Article

The article above talks about how when designing a webpage, you need to take account that most of your views will be on mobile devices. PCs were once upon a time the backbone of web design but now, mobile devices has overcame that.

After reading the article, I realized how most websites have a desktop version as well as a mobile one too.

I was impressed by the layout design of the website of the article.

Exercise 2.3- Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

This article is about the evolution of webpages and how for future websites need to be more responsive to the viewers. The article goes in-depth with past and current designers and how they need to to adapt to websites being more responsive towards multiple platforms.

After reading this article, I started to think how web designers could make their websites responsive towards other platforms like cars and fridges since their way of funtioning is different than to a phone or computer.

The website looks very professional as well as it looks like it took alot of time to create it.

Exercise 3.1- Single vs Multipage Apps


This article talks about how SPA and MPA work and lists pros and cons for each

After reading this article, I did some reasearch on SPA and I came to a conclusions that the article is write about how both types of websites work.

I assumed that each of the pages were made the same way with the addition of adding more pages for a MPA but it's more complicated than what I though

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