Hi, I'm Hugo Démoulin.

Welcome to my homepage.
I'm a 21 years old french student in Vanier for 4 months and this is an open-window on me and my work as a web developer.

My skills

Before the Montbéliard's DUT, I went to the university for 1 year and a half and I began programming in C. So it's helped me for understanding all other programming languages.

I'm pretty good at HTML/CSS (I use bootstrap), I understand quite well JavaScript but I never used it a lot. I'm ok with DataBase and I got the basics on Php.

My expectations

What I want to improve the most here is my English skills, as I understand well the written English, quite well the spoken but I'm pretty bad in talking.
For the rest, I just want to continue my multimedia formation, especially in web development. And because there is a lot of projects to do here, I wish to fulfill my portfolio and make a good one.
Finally, I expect to improve my design skills and think it's the good place for that because of the three designs courses.

My works

Assignments for Vanier