Ariana (The Female Babydriver)

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Arya Stark is a BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Why because she can do whatever the heck she wants and knowone can bloody stop her.

Why Criminal Minds adictive??

Criminal Minds is an CBS show that has been on air for 12 years and has been running for 12 seasons with season 13 premering September 27 (I wish I was paid to promote this). The whole show is based around a team of profilers from a FBI division called the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit). Overall, they profile and hunt serial killers, psycopaths, sociopaths, and others. Other the 12 years the core cast has changed a lot. The cast changes once every one-two seasons. Overall, the show gives an insight on how a single divison of the FBI. One of my favourite caracter in the series is Spencer Ried(played by Matthew Gray Gubler). Out of all the BAU members he is the smartest. Spencer has an IQ of 104 and can calculate big numbers in his head. He maybe smart but can sometimes overthink things. Last season was the hardest for him. He has been arrested for 1st degree murdered that he didn't commit as well as saving his mother from a sociaux path from a past season.

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