Last year I was 2nd in Quebec for youth darts.

I was mind blown too when I found out it was a sport.

Exercise 2.1 Mobile First

Mobile First

This article is basically about the phone industry, how it's growing immensly and how we need to start making websites for mobile first. The majority of views are coming from mobile devices, therefore when designing websites we need to take into account the comparison of views between desktop and mobile.

I didn't realize that webpages were being made for mobile devices first, I always associate webpage with desktop.

After reading this I now realize how smart that is.

Exercise 2.3, Responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

This article explains, we need to make our websites more flexible, and more responsive. It also explains that designers are now faced with a new challenge, designing for multiple platforms that are all responsive.

I didn't really think about it that way, I only really considered the desktop and mobile, I had no idea about the tablet and other devices.

After reading this I am going to take more time designing and consider all of the devices when I am working.

Exercise 3.1, Single vs Multi Page Apps

Single vs Multi Page Apps

In this article it basically talks about how SPAS and MPAS are the two main design patterns for web design. The article goes through the pros and cons of both SPAS and MPAS.

I honestly didn't even know that Single Page Apps existed, I always assumed webpages were multiple pages just linked together.

After reading this I am going to look into SPAS and learn more about them, the way I look at webpages is different now.

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