Hello ! My name is Tifany Tessier !

I am a french exchange student studying Multimedia and Webdesign at Vanier College for the semester.

Web development skills

During my first year of multimedia, I learnt and practiced languages such as html, css, php and javascript. I also learnt a lot about SQL, and how to use it with php. I learnt to use Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and PremierPro. We practiced all of this languages and software with personal or group projects. I still work with my classmate for a big project about escape rooms.


This semester I'd like to learn to build mobile websites and mobile applications. I also need to improve my skills in javascript and learn to secure websites.

My works


This is the first website I created, The aim was to practice what we learned in html and css. Later during the year we used the same website and added a Portfolio which is made with MySQL and Php. We had to work with session : those who are connected can modify the data base from the website interface. Other users can select the realization depending on its subject.

The door

This is a platform game I created with Javascript. There is three level and you can play by using your keyboard.

Grandpa's attic

This is another little game wrote in javascript through p5. This one is a group project where we had to do all the illustration by ourselves.

Chocolate seller

Finally this is a website I created for a chocolate seller. It uses every languages I learned during the year.