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Who Am I?

My name is Frederic, but everybody calls me Fred. I'm currently a 3rd year student in Micromedia at Vanier College and I'm expected to be done by December 2018. I joined this program with the intentions of going into the video game industry, but after 2 years I've got no clue what I really want to do after I graduate. I took a liking to teaching so that's probably what I'm aiming for. Apart from that, enjoy my portfolio!

My goal with this portfolio

So obviously my main goal here is to make a good portfolio in my eyes, but also other peoples eyes. The work I'll be putting up here is work I am either proud of or enjoyed doing. I'll be using this as an application to university or a job, whatever works to me. I am planning on becoming a teacher in graphic design/Micromedia, this portfolio will show what I can offer.



Made using Illustrator and Photoshop

Date: September 2017

I was tasked in making an ad for a company while only using one word. The word given to me was Inspired, and I immidiately thought of Adobe. Creativity is a big focus for Adobe and their programs allow us to do that exactly.

Monkey See Monkey Do

Made using Illustrator and Photoshop

Date: July 2017

This was a personal project of mine. I made this during the time War for the Planet of the Apes was in theatre. At the same time I was reading 1984 by george Orwell, and I've decided to combine both. I took the big brother aspect from 1984 and the monkey to make a Revolution styled poster.


Made using Illustrator

Date: November 2017

Trapeze is a made-up school of Circus Art. I got tasked in creating a logo for their company. I had complete creative power so the sky was the limit. I decided to go for something on the more simple style, which also works in black and white. The colours picked represent a circus tent but also energy, adventures and fire. Warm colours invite people in, especially kids.

Trapeze Style guideline

Made using Illustrator and InDesign

Date: November 2017

After creating the logo, we were asked to also create a guideline that properly represents the company. I showed how to preperly use the logo, the exact codes for the colours, the fonts and more. A pdf will be attached if you want to see the final result.

Satirical Election Posters

Made using Illustrator

Date: October 2016

I have this hobby of making posters of a celebrities face with a sometimes over-the-top phrase above their heads. The 2016 American elections were a dream come true for me. Trump and Hillary, both horrible candidates ran for president. So I made two posters showing off something that stood out the most about them during the elections, Trump being the wall and Hillary the emails.

Times Magazine

Made using Illustrator and Photoshop

Date: October 2017

I was tasked in making a magazine cover for a magazine I picked but the main article had to be about a current news. Trump, being the great president he is, is always on the news. I picked a broader subject so I wouldn't have to make allusion to only one of his many mistakes.

Quentin Tarantula

Made using Illustrator

Date: January 2018

This is a personal project I took up on. My phone autocorrected Quentin Tarantino's name to Quentin Tarantula, which I then decided to make a logo to match along with it. I used this to practice my logo making skills. I created the illustrations in illustrator and made sure they were simple yet effective enough to show what I wanted them to.

This is part 1 or my first addition.

Spillabird Production

Made using Illustrator

Date: September 2017

This is the same concept as Quentin Tarantula, my phone changed Speilberg's name to Spill a bird.

This is part 2 of my first addition.

Tender Moment

Made using Illustrator and Photoshop

Date: November 2017

I was tasked to find a company that would best fit the emotion "Tender Moment." My partner and I found that KFC could both fit the requirement and also add a touch of humour. We followed the same style of their ads to make it more believable.

This is my second addition.

Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux

Made using Illustrator

Date: December 2017

Conservatoire Henri-Dutilleux is a school located in France that teaches music, dance and theatre arts. They wanted a new logo for a new building. Our task was to create a logo that would respect their criteria and express their ideal as a company: to promote creativity. I chose the light bulb as it is universally known as the symbol for creativity and made it look like a stained-glass mosaic.

This is my third addition.

Wine Booklet

Made using Illustrator, photoshop and InDesign

Date: January 2017

Bibi Graetz is a wine maker in Italy. We were tasked to create a booklet to show his passion and creations. We used information provided from interviews and pictures that came along. We had to create a clean layout that works well with the pictures and fit in the demanded number of pages. The logo on the front and back were created by me.

This is my fourth addition.