This is a website, Wow...

So you've stumbled upon my website...

Well, here it is. Not much isn't it. I like it simple, clean and easy to use. If all goes well I'll have several buttons under this square that will change the content of this box depending on what you clicked on. I never understood why but the common people write at the end of their explanation is "Enjoy". So, enjoy.

Old Assignments

Here are two old assignments I enjoyed doing for class. The first is a game I made with Brandon called Asteroid Belt. The other was a page where we showed off Transitions we did in class.

Mobile attempt.

When we first made a website using jquery mobile, I created this "thing". It will change over time, I'll add more stuff/info, fix the menu and perhaps attempt making this a sort of portfolio.

Webapp analysis

Here are three (2 apps and a website) webapps where I analyzed the Ui and the Ux. (Insert something funny about how surprisingly long it took), enjoy.

Here's what I've done in Jasonette.

See my jasonette demo

Plus One

See Brandon and I's mobile app called Plus One

Portfolio + Analysis

Here you can find my work on the portfolio, you'll find my statement of goal, some portfolios I enjoyed and their analysis.


Here you'll find my game

More About Me

My name's Fred, I'm a student at Vanier College. There's not much more to know about me. I like pizza.