hypertext 2016

Assignment 2: Typography Gallery

Create a web gallery / site that shows off your photograpy, typography and web skills.

Your gallery should include the following:

  • introduction describing the project / context / objectives
  • gallery of images / typography
  • comments for each image
  • gallery rubrik

check out my gallery

download Lightbox

or this one (Wed/Fri)

other Boostrap lightboxes

my uploader

jQuery file upload plugin from BlueImp

github: image uploader


HTML5 geolocation: part 1, latitude and longitude

Google Maps API: part 2, geolocated map

Google Maps API: part 3, directions

Assignment 1. Dynamic eCommerce Shop

Create a dynamic eCommerce shop with the following features

  • browse the store
  • add items to shopping cart
  • edit the shopping cart
  • use AJAX for better interactivity & navigation
  • use JSON for better separation of front & back ends
  • bonus!
    • add animation (css or js)
    • use local storage

see the evaluation rubrik

Deadline: Oct. 28 (section 02), Oct. 31 (section 01)

student sites