multimedia presentations 2

Project 3: Digital Portfolio

3. Digital Portfolio

Create an online, digital portfolio which will help you achieve your objectives / goals for the next year and 3-6 years.

UPDATED portfolio rubrik

Objectives may include some or all of the following:

  • create something beautiful and lasting for your personal satisfaction
  • show off your best work for vernissage
  • get accepted to the next step in your education (university / other programme)
  • get hired a "stage" or internship
  • get freelance contracts
  • get a part-time / permanent job

3a: portfolio research an ongoing activity

Create a page & link it to your multimedia 2 homepage:

  • add 3-6 links to portfolios you like each week for 3 weeks
  • include a comment for each link (point form is fine)

Isaac Paavola's portfolio

I like the opening animation, of course, but especially the "i express myself" section.

due: weekly

3b: portfolio elements

link a list of elements for a portfolio. i.e.

  • bio
  • CV (En & fr)
  • contact info

    element list from class:

  • intro
  • bio / about
  • contact info / page
  • projects / works / categories
    • team members
    • description
    • keywords
    • medium / software
  • animations
  • logo / branding
  • original / creative
  • social media
  • lab / work-in-progress
  • hire me (call-to-action)
  • navigations
  • skills / services provided

  • cards / grid
  • mock ups
  • descriptions of your work
  • blog section ?
  • client section

3c: portfolio objectives / call to action

link a page with your call-to-action / objectives. Take into account some of the following:

due Nov. 10th

Check out Ian's opening plus his contact form.

Call to action

Your portfolio should have a call to action, the action you propose the end user to do.

Check out this tutorial.

Project 2: Game / App

see the evaluation rubric (PDF)

random number generation

random number & random questions

Assignment 2a: app research due before the end of class today

Create a page & link it to your multimedia 2 homepage that has the following:

  • links to apps (3-5) that you like (with a brief note on why you like them)
  • links to articles, resources, tutorials (2-3) that you may find helpful (again with a brief note)
  • anything else that you came across

Assignment 2b: app plan (due Thursday, Oct. 6th)

Your mobile app plan should include the following:

  • a brief description of your app
  • what will your users be able to do, see, learn on your app
  • a description of your typical user(s), age, sex, interests,
  • thumbnail sketches, mockups

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