Christina Yu

A new semester with a new server for our works!

Hypertext Assignment

Assignment 1 - Personal Reflection



Relearn everything and learn some more.


Trying to record everything we have study in class and maybe find an easy program for web design that won’t make my computer froze every time I type in some new commands.


Find a job that focuses more on creativity if possible

Goals / Things I want to Learn in this class / Others

Practice animation works and try to figure out, why some of them work and some of them do not. Learn more of javascript.

Ideas for an extra/outside project

Create book covers for my fanfics or my partly written stories.

Assignment 2 - Shop Plan

Description of Shop

I want to do a bookstore website, but I want the booklist to be pure fictions only. Every time I’ve went into a store, all fictional stories are often tucked in a corner behind rows of non-fictions, histories, slice-of-life stories and textbooks. Very few of the bestseller ones are put at the front of the store. So the website I’ll make will be one that offer nothing other than fictional stories, from original novels to movie/game novelizations to comics and mangas. Include paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks and audiobooks.

Links of example websites:

Chapters / Indigo




Name / Logo / Photos

Name: Floating pages

Logo: Papers floating to form a certain shape.

Photos: Focus solely on book cover

Website link

Assignment 3 - Lightbox Gallery

Gallery with photos taken for Page Layout 1's project on Typography. Use lightbox for the presentation and it has a geolocation with markers on display.

Typography in the City - Lightbox

Gallery with photos I have taken from my trip to Hong Kong last year. Use lightbox and the database to display photos.

Gallery of Hong Kong Photos