Search Engine Exercise

For this exercise, we are asked to plan out how a search engine will look like. We are only given a name, Glazzz, and what the client (our dear teacher in this case) wants and we are off to brainstorm and draw the beta version of the website.

Search Engine's Main Page

I design the main page to retain a similar simplicity as other search engine, but unlike them, I do not leave the search panel stuck in the middle, I leave it to the side and the other side is an abstract drawing as a logo representation to Glazzz, a glass-wearing character leaning against a tree. Underneath it, I put a section for most recent news and popular trends that visitors could click to news/trend page, but instead of the usual photo that can found on the front of newspapers or at the top of news website, I leave them all in a paper icon. The reason why I chose to make them into simple paper icon, it's because that is how news or trends always ends up. A wet dirty stepped on paper that you can find on the street. We read news as quickly as we discard them, the same can be said with trends.

Search Engine's Results Page

For the Results Page, I keep similar to that of other search engine. The Glazzz name is a link to return to the main page, next to the search panel. Underneath the search panel, on the left side, I have the options: Website, Image, Video, News. These are filters for the search and limiting the number of websites that will be displayed. For more advanced research, I have the option, Advance placed on the far right side of the search panel and next to the setting icon, once you click on it, you start adding more keywords on the search panel to add more filters on the results.

Style Sheet for Search Engine

Usually if you have colours on your website, you add them in the Style Sheet and present it in a manner that is not so dissimilar to an Interior Designer's work, but in this case, I keep everything in Black and White style, so I will simply show what fonts I will be using for each part and the size and style of each font.