Systen Design Specification

For the System Design Specification project, the goal is to create a Document that conains enough information for one to recreate it as a website, like making a blueprint for construction workers to follow. We are asked to display it in manner that is similar to a museum exhibition with five rooms that are filled with 20-30 images.

My topic for this exhibition will known as PFW: Playable Fictional World, a website with all the information one needs to know about Fantasy Role-Playing Games. Playing Fantasy Role-Playing Games has been an interest and a stress-relief hobby of mine. To me, Fantasy Role-Playing Game is simply a playable fantasy storybook with the protagonist as diverse as the amount of stars that decorate the night sky. I want to share my interest of Fantasy RPG to others by presenting the basic concept of this genre and the different styles of gameplay.

Main Page

For the Main Page, I want to keep the focus on images mainly. The Banner part will display a image that showcases the topic of each room, five in total, and each will have a brief and general desription on what the room will be about. I consider the idea of confining new visitor to the website to be force to go the Concept Room first, like going through the basic before they are allowed to roam freely to different rooms.

Object Description Screen

When the viewer selected one of the rooms, the page will be displayed as shown above.

On one side, there will be an image in display. Next to it is a box that contains diffrent information about the chosen subtopic.

Style Tile for Website

A Web Designer's Style Tile = An Interior Designer's Work.

This shows how each part will be displayed on the website, think of it as the skin and flesh that one slaps over the skeleton that is the Main Page and Object Description Screen. It also tells what effect some parts will have, such as the Thumbnail having a transparent sheet cover it when one hovers over it and a small description of the page the image will bring the viewer to.