Multimedia Presentation 2

Fifth semester of the Micropublishing & Hypermedia.

Christina Yu


For now, my works are mostly plain and simple. The only thing I seem to be good at doing is keeping things in order. I have noticed that I am starting to get a little better at finding the problem and all I can do now, it's slowly build up my website.

Things I wish to learn

For now, I am not sure what I want to learn yet. I think I need to refocus and get my bearings on coding things again before I can decide what I want to learn next.

Best Websites I've Made

For now, I think the best looking websites I've made are the Shop one and the Video Game one.

  • Shopping Website
  • Online Game
  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Find 3 mobile apps (or mobile websites) to analyze. We will be analyzing many different factors over the first few weeks. Choose different apps, i.e. news, retail, corporate, educational, games, food, entertainment.

    Analysis of the content and the information architecture of the app. I have also made the page into a jQuery Mobile demo.

    Jasonette Testing

    Personal Project

    A small text writer mobile app, where the user can write down notes and save them to a database, so that they can later review the note they have written.



    Portfolio Researches

    Work in progress.

    Portfolio Gallery