Video Editing

Rahul Karanth

Short New York Trip Collage Demo

Fun in a 'Stang!

Shot Composition Exercise

Planned Event: Wedding

When: Saturday, October 20, 2018      Where: Shree Ramji Temple

For this wedding, I decided to shoot a family friend's wedding.I decided to focus more on the groom (He's columbian, marrying an Indian) than the bride because I thought it would be fun to capture his reactions to the Indian rituals.

Wedding Event

Audio: Wedding Vows - Edward Grenga, Charles Lawry, Douglas Stevens, & Michael McMahon

Planning for this shoot:

Subject(s): Two toy cars. Lamborghini Diablo and Porsche 911 GT3

Where: On the computer tables of N-362-D

This will be a short drag race between two toy cars on a table. Different angles from the side, top, back. They will exchange first and second places to keep it looking like an intense race.

Stop Motion

Planning for this shoot:


Regular Life of Ronald Delisle