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Hello and welcome to my Digital Portfolio

I’m currently in the Micromedia program at Vanier College. I personally like to think of myself as a jack of all trades in the field of graphic design and web design. Currently, I’m looking for an internship for my final semester of the program.

if you need some work done, feel free to contact me and or check out my C.V.

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Dice Rolling App. Web Design

This is a mobile app I designed which also has a bit of a social intergration. To make this app work, it required a lot of knowledge in javascript, this inculded a random number generator, the ability to alternate what you can roll up to in the options and if you are using it on a phone, the ability to roll the dice by shaking your device.

Breakout Web Design

This is my first attempt at creating a game in javascript. It's nothing like Call of Duty, but it works. To create this game, it took some understanding of how to draw on a canvas using javascript.

Mr. Molecule Print

For this publication project, I was given a series of text articles, and had to design a science newsletter for preteens. This project included a variety of steps including designing the grid that it would follow, the illustrations, the flag, and a variety of text choices. Most of the text choices included finding a balance between not being too childish and not too generic; it had to use bright colors to attract my target audience.

Cookie Brochure and Menu Print

As a final project in a course teaching me about page layout, I was tasked with creating a brochure and menu for a specialty shop. For this project I went with a cookie shop for the plathura of cookie types and designs. The point of the project was to implement all of my knowledge from indesign and utilize it to the best of my skills.

Dans La Rue Print

I was tasked to design a report for the charity Dans La Rue as one of my final projects during that semester. A bilingual text report was provided, we were given a lot of freedom for the visuals for both the text, style and illustrations.

Anti-Bullying Campaign Print

Working with a partner, I created an awareness ad campaign with a unique way to deliver this message.

The finished product has minor Easter eggs to our earlier concepts like the good, the bad and the ugly.

Program: Photoshop

Exhibition Report Print

As a report, I was instructed to visit an art exhibition and write a report to persuade the reader to visit the show. To effectively execute the task, it had to resemble the style of the exhibition and include the following: images, the time I visited, visiting hours and, of course, a good description of the exhibition. Like other projects, making this report showed me that simplicity is the best way to execute a delivery; there is no need to make anything complicated.

Program: InDesign

Montreal This Week Print

This project was made with one of my interests in mind: video games. For this project, I was asked to pick a topic or interest for tourists and find events occurring during a single week within Montreal. The field of video games has been a popular topic for people, and for that reason, it was easy to find a good variety of events happening throughout the year.

Program: InDesign

Game Room Pictograms Print

As an exercise, I was given a list of categories to choose from in order to make pictograms for. I chose game room. This challenged me to simplify and to create a unity between the designs of all four icons.

Program: Illustrator

visually enhanced quotation: Leonard Cohen Print

Using iconic poet and musician, Leonard Cohen, I was given the task of illustrating one of his quotes. I like to visualize things in a scene and then bring these visualizations to my work. In this case, it took some time to figure out the perspective, the hierarchy of the illustration and the presentation of the quote.

Program: InDesign

Tea Guides: DAVIDsTEA Print


I was asked to create a user guide for brewing tea. I was given a choice of tea distributers to choose from, the one I selected was “DAVIDsTEA”. Since this was not a generic user guide, I had to design it in the style of the brand. I was given the freedom to either create two separate guide booklets or a single booklet which consisted of both English and French versions of the instructions. I came across an orange- flavored tea from DAVIDsTEA, which gave me the inspiration for the lime-mango pattern.

Program: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

Magazine Cover: Psychology Today Print

For this project, I had to design a magazine cover for a popular company with a relevant issue as the subject. Transgender issues have become a popular and controversial subject that people really don’t understand well. I went with an informative approach to show that there is more to the transgender community than how they are depicted in the media. Originally, I used a found image as my illustration and had to change it, after the project was originally handed in, to one I created myself.

Programs: InDesign, Photoshop and illustrator

Travel Poster Print

My final project in my Illustrator course challenged me to learn a couple of new tools while illustrating an iconic building in a travel destination. For my destination choice, I chose London, England, with Big Ben as the focus within the poster. What made the poster a challenge was the details including using a focal point (the clock face).

Program: Illustrator


Wine Label and Booklet Print

This was a two-part project, which included an illustrative aspect as well as a page layout/design portion to both parts of the project. The first portion was creating the labels, in which I was asked to use an artist’s style to create my own illustration. The artist I had chosen was Marcel Barbeau, because he creates illustions within his art pieces. The second part of the project was to design a booklet with a folder of images to choose from.

Programs: InDesign, Photoshop and illustrator

Style Guide/ Stationery

Brand Style guide and Stationery Print

This was a two-part project, which included an illustrative aspect as well as a page layout/design portion to both parts of the project. The first portion was creating the labels, in For a two-part project, I had to design a style guide and logo for “Trapeze School of Circus Arts”. After coming up with a logo design and style guide for a Trapeze School of Circus Arts, I had to create four separate documents: letterhead, business card, envelope and a donations form.

Programs: InDesign and illustrator


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