Josh Tenser Web designer

Hello and welcome to my Digital Portfolio

I’m currently in the Micromedia program at Vanier College. I personally like to think of myself as a jack of all trades in the field of graphic design and web design. Currently, I’m looking for an internship for my final semester of the program.

if you need some work done, feel free to contact me and or check out my C.V.

Dice Rolling App. Web Design

This is a mobile app I designed in Fall 2015 and added a bit of a social intergration in fall 2016. To make this app work, it required a lot of knowledge in javascript, this inculded a random number generator, the ability to alternate what you can roll up to in the options and if you are using it on a phone, the ability to roll the dice by shaking your device.

Breakout Web Design

This is my first attempt at creating a game in javascript in fall 2016. It's nothing like Call of Duty, but it works. To create this game, it took some understanding of how to draw on a canvas using javascript.

Mr. Molecule Print

This was a publication for preteens that I had to make in fall 2016. I had to create my own illustrations for the news letter as well as the grid system that I found suitable for a publication.

S.P.A. Web and Print

In fall 2015 we were tasled tp a Single Page Application website with our own subjects. A SPA is basically a web application that load as a single page and has some dynamics to it by using HTML5. In fall 2016 I chose this project for a case study to document the process of updating the project.

Cookie Brochure and Menu Print

In fall 2015, one of my final projects was to create a brochure and menu for a specialty shop. For this project I went with a cookie shop for the plathura of cookie types and designs.

Dans La Rue Print

In winter 2016, I was tasked to design a report for the charity Dans La Rue as one of my final projects during that semester. A bilingual text report was provided, we were given a lot of freedom for the visuals for both the text, style and illustrations.

Geolocation Application Web

For one of our final projects during the winter 2016 semester, we were tasked to create a geolocation application, or at least the bare minimum, which was to prove you know an understanding when it comes to creating the geolocation aspect of the app.

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