Art speaks words, design just works.

Ad Campaign


Bullying is a long running and concerning topic which is hard to ignore for me. These are ad campaigns to promote an anti-bullying movement by implying the idea that suspects are capable of helping bullying victims by intervening and supporting them. I first found several facts that applied to the current topic and then conceptualized an illustration to represent that fact while making a slogan that also relates to the facts.

Freshii Annual Report


This is an annual report for a company called Freshii. I used the company’s image and its social media trends for the design. I used various shades of greens and sometimes other colours found in salads because the company’s image is all about healthy eating and vegetables. I also used fonts similar to the company’s website. The cover I chose was something I found to be clean and thematical.

Montreal this week


Montreal this week is a guide that shows current events being held in Montreal. The target audience is tourists. The theme I chose was dance and I tried following current trends in dance culture. Currently the most popular trends is street/hip hop and minimalism. I used vintage TVs as a decoration with a little tech minimalistic look to the design. The colour I chose contrasts the red colour of Canada

Exhibition MAC guide


I visited a museum and create a report themed to the museum and mentioned the exhibitions they were featuring. I chose to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC). I took photos of some of the work and featured them in the report while also using the primary colours which represent MAC. It has a fairly simple design because it fi ts the contemporary art style.

Santropol Roulant


This is a booklet for a community charity called Santropol Roulant. The mission is to create a community food hub. For the design I used the company’s colour, which is purple, and used pictures with urban themes that relate to the topic. Most illustration and charts are green because I found it to be a good contrast with the purple. As well it symbolizes the greenery and environmental idealism of the company. I also left a lot of white space to make it look clean and minimalistic.

Vinyl Cover


This is a vinyl album cover for two collaborating artists. I chose to create a come back album for Gorillaz and NWA. Both have a sort of street theme and are rather “old school” so I used two elements to represent them. Bart Simpson from the comedy series “The Simpsons”, was used as an element of pop culture with him spraying graffi ti of both groups’ logos on a wall to present the street aspect of both. The title is a fusion between both groups’ most popular albums.

Catch the Waifu video game


This project was a lot more free form compared to other projects. I worked on it with a partner. I designed and illustrated most of the elements and did the base code while my partner refined it. This was the first time we made a game and when we really learned how important organization is for coding. Some elements weren’t responsive unless we placed them above another part of the script.
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Time Magazine Cover


Gun control is a major problem that needs to be discussed. This magazine cover represents a current controversial topic in the media. I chose to target gun control and used a play on words of “Fighting fire with fire” . I wanted this project to imply how violence can’t fight violence the same way fire can’t really fight fire.

Trapeze Logo Guideline


Branding is important for recognition but it’s also important to solidify your brand and it’s imagery. This guidline is for a circus school called Trapeze school of circus arts. The guidelines show the usages, sizes, fonts, colours, as well as, dos and don’ts of the logo.

Trapeze stationary


As part of Trapeze school of circus branding project, I created a letterhead, a business card and a form. Each follows the guidelines of the brand. This shows how the logo can be applied professionally and formally. This was a good practice to know how to keep the integrity of the brand.

Vernissage Poster


The theme for this year’s Vernissage was “New Beginning”. The photo I used is a photo I took in my first year. The flowers are the first petals of a crab apple tree, symbolizing a “new beginning” and spring. I applied a new trend in design with typography by integrating the flat color type with the real life photo, while using a contrasting but faded color for the letters.

Wine label


This wine label I created is based on art style of my choice. I picked pop art and was inspired by Keith Haring, because of his simple yet colourful illustrative characters with weird shapes and poses. To me, wine is something I see as very elegant, but I wanted to create a bit of contrast by making something that was little more fun.

Atomic Observer

Illustrator / InDesign

It’s always important to recognize your target audience when designing. This is a science newsletter aimed towards children age 8-12. I had to find themes that attract a young demographic. I used primary colours which are bright. I also used silhouettes and simple illustrations, which also match the headers and topics in the newsletter.

Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux


This mood board is for a new logo for the Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux. After consulting with the clients, we decided to make a minimalistic and modern concept. We chose neutral colours often found in modern designs such as olive and navy blue, and sans serif fonts. We include pictures that inspired us and use them as reference in our design.

Personal Project


After having to develop our own personal style, we had to apply it to a personal project in any medium. I created this design poster which can be integrated to anything from a t-shirt to a product or simply as a poster. I discovered I really like chaotic and grungy designs based on typography and photography.

GoldLink concert

Premiere Pro

As a designer, I wanted to approach more than just graphic or illustrated mediums, so I attempted video editing as one of my personal projects for class. I used videos I've taken during a concert and created this commercial mock up for the concert itself. The theme is lo-fi to give a more street and old school vibe to match the music of the artist.
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