Emmalee Sitaras

Hello, I am a graphic designer in progress. I am looking for an internship maybe with your company? I have a lot of experience in the work place environment. And I can bring a lot to your company's table.

Jessica Walsh Poster

I created a poster using the designer Jessica Walsh for inspiration.

Kids Newspaper

I created a newspaper for kids.

Mile end Cafe

I was assigned to create a form for one of my classes

My initials

I was assigned to create 3 logos using my initials. I learned how to do a lot with shapes. I used illustrator.


I was assigned to create some pictograms. I used illustrator for this.

Emm's Agenda

I have made a personalized calendar. The story of why I created this agenda/calendar is that I wanted to buy a new agenda because mine wasn’t big enough. So, I went to my local store that sells agendas and was looking through all of them. Picked them up, read them, thought of how I can use them. And came out of the store with no agenda. I wanted something with hours from 8 am to 9 pm, Something that had a 3-4-month calendar on the top of the page so I can see when the dates are for the next 3 months, I also wanted to write down my projects and assignments with their deadlines so I can be better prepared for the weeks to come. I also wanted an inspiring quote on the page. I used indesign.

Blumati Design

A client aproched me to create her own bran identity and to create there logo. This is what we came up with. She wnted something simple and eligant

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