Audio & Video Editing

Bruce Norton Jhoanna Dianne B

Welcome to my AV Editing homework page.

ex.1 Loop Video

ex.2 Collage Demo

ex.3.1 Composition Demo Reel



event name: Zombie Walk

date: Saturday, October 27

location: Place du Canada (Zombies meet-up), Sainte-Catherine Street West, between Peel and Jeanne-Mance Streets (parade)

plan: I plan to arrive early before the zombies' meet-up time so that I can get behind-the-scene footages from the make-up booths, event organizers, etc. Then, I plan to walk/sprint as the parade goes so that I can capture different reactions of the participants and the audience. I will also try to interview some of the viewers and the zombies after the event.


I will use video footages I took from the Hot Air Balloon Competetion last summer. I plan to show the process of inflating the balloons and show them floating in the sky. I will also show some of my friends' reactions while playing the games available in the event. Finally, you will see a glimpse of Simple Plan playing on stage.


story: I am planning to create a stop motion showing the process of baking cinnamon rolls. It will be as if the ingredients are moving by themselves.


  • Show ingredients.
  • Water, milk, sugar and yeast move towards large bowl and pour themselves into it.
  • Whisk. Snap. Show proofed yeast.
  • Melted butter, sugar and egg enter the scene. Join proofed yeast. Snap. Show mixture.
  • Enter flour and salt. Salt goes into flour bowl.
  • Flour mixture gradually mixed in with the yeast mixture. Whisk. Mix with spatula. Knead in the bowl.
  • Dough climbs out of the bowl. Knead on the table. Meanwhile, the bowl leaves the scene.
  • New bowl enters. Mess on the table leaves.
  • Dough goes into the bowl.
  • Cover bowl. Remove cover. Show dough doubled in size.
  • Dough gets out of bowl and rolls into a rectangle. Bowl leaves.
  • Brown sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extact come in. Mix together.
  • Butter squares enter in line. Spread out on top of dough. Tap one by one. Show melted butter.
  • Hold up sugar mixture. Tilt. Show spreaded sugar mixture on dough.
  • Dough rolls itself up.
  • Knife enters. Make cutting marks. Baking pan enters.
  • Cut with dental floss. Each roll goes to the pan after cut.
  • Cover. Show baked cinnamon rolls.
  • Enter powdered sugar, melted butter, vanilla extract and milk. Mix.
  • Brush top of cinnamon rolls with glaze.
  • Pick up rolls one by one.

EX.5: INTERVIEW PLAN (with Denver & Rasceane)

For the final project, we plan to interview students from the Micromedia program. One interviewee would be from the first year students. We will ask him/her how he/she finds the program so far, his/her expectations, etc. Another interviewee would be one of our batchmates. We will basically ask about how he/she is progressing in the program, if he/she has experienced any difficulties in his/her courses, etc. The third interviewee would be from the third year students. We will interview him/her about his/her preparations for the Vernissage, about his/her plans for stage, etc. Denver will be the interviewer and Rasceane and I will take care of the technical stuff.
location: somewhere in the campus
equipments: 2 cameras/phones from 2 different angles, lamp for lighting and some sort of cardboard for light adjustments


[SCENE PLAN] We will use our ad campaign video for our Advertising class which is about reinventing a Nike product(s) and promoting its quality. The commercial scene will take place in a living room. As the main character watches tv, he sees a sports legend wearing the original shoe model similar to the ones he is wearing. He then realizes that Nike has great quality products since it lasts long.
equipments: cameras, lamp for lighting, props(shoes, tv, etc.)