project 3: Event: Hot Air Balloon Festival

edited by

Jhoanna Dianne Belgar

filmed by

Jhoanna Dianne Belgar

Joshua Beltran

Marie Noelle Gunnacao

music by

Simple Plan

Youtube Creator Studio

The goal of this project is to record an event and apply different video and audio editing techniques that we learned in class so far. In my case, I used some footages that my friends and I took from the Hot Air Balloon Festival during the summer. This is the first time that I used more than one sound track in a video, and I find it a challenging task to put them together while still keeping them relevant to the video. For organization purposes, I divided the video in three parts. The first one is very calm which shows the main focus of the event--the hot air balloons. For the second part, I tried to show other activities in the area and my friends' reactions while participating. Finally, the last part is a short clip of the main performer, Simple Plan.