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Hi, I'm Fotini. Through out my years at Vanier College, I've learned many aspects to achieve my career.As a designer, I'm into the retro style and into the movement of objects. My interests are hockey and music.I love being creative and trying new things. I really enjoy creating layouts. Recently, I designed a kids menu for a restaurant.I am a graphic designer willing to learn any parts of the business. One of my career goals, is to work for the Montreal Canadiens or Rocket de Laval graphic design.

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Is it real or is it a dream?

Is it real or a dream relates to my impressions about going to concerts. Do you feel the same ? Do you feel a personal connection when you feel your favorite artists ? Hopefully the layout is inviting and easy to use. This site was designed with HTML, CSS and Javascript so you are able to click on the photos in larger versions.

Software: Dreamweaver

Concerts: An amazing feeling to experience.

NHL-Favorite player app

Are you a NHL fan? Do you have a favorite player? This mobile app could be the perfect for you. This app was created using PHP, CSS and HTML. Hopefully the layout makes you exicted to share your favorite with the other users.Using a database,gives the option to store and load the users choice of player and their name.

Software: Dreamweaver

Do you have an interest in the NHL?

Otiose-Rocket Animation

I worked on this project to introduce different types of animations on one website. This website is targeted to all audiences. This website showcases the different types of animations that can be shown such as keyframes, hover, transform and rotate. The site is simple and easy to use, just by simple touching the rocket and it will move in the direction you take.The website is simplistic and easy to use.

Software: Dreamweaver

Do you want to fly high in the sky?


Greece Travel App

On this app, users will be able to get information to make their trip to Greece easier and have details to help them achieve where they want to go.If you love to travel alone or just want to book a trip, the app gives you 4 top options for different cities and islands in Greece.Using Onsen, the capability of the app, is able to function with a side bar to give the selection of areas (cities and the island in Greece).The touch is able to make the app mobile friendly and easy to use. This app is able to help make travelling easier when you are unsure of where to go and what to see. The target audience is anyone that is looking to book such solo travelers, families or people in groups.


Greece Travel: Made easy.

Faith's walking cycle

Do you like animation? This site shows you an example of a simple 4 step animation. This showcases a simple animation of a character walking.The 4 step animation is a process to show the movement of the legs of the character.

Walking to the path in life.


For the montage, I created a 40 second video showcasing what you can do or see at Carrefour Laval when you go.The viewers are able to see what stores they can shop at and going to the food court too.This site gives you an idea of what you can do.Using different angles, I was able to create a informative video on what is available.


The mall experience.

Design Style Poster

Using my design style, I created a retro poster for my favorite hockey team. Using Photoshop and InDesign, I incorporated the retro style with the background, fonts and the image. The poster can be used for the hockey game events.

Software: Indesign, Photoshop

Retro Montreal Canadiens poster for a hockey game.

Tourism Newsletter

Montreal this Week is a newsletter for tourists visiting Montreal. Each week has a different theme but uses the same layout. Using Indesign and Acrobat, I designed aninteractive document that can be read online. For this project, my theme was sports, inspired by my love of hockey and the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.

Software: InDesign

All about the Canadiens.

2019 Vernissage Poster

Following the instructions, I created with a flashlight 6 different ways to present.We recieved a random object and two colors.Using those instructions, I created a grid-like layout with all the images I created. The images were created on Illustrator and Photoshop. I created the images first than made the layout. Making the flashlight in different forms such as a rocket, submarine and a city bus.

Software: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

My vernissage poster for Graduates 2019.

Stress PSA

We decided to create the PSA on stress. Working with a partner, we created a website, booklet and three testimonial posters. We choose about stress because it is an issue that many deal with. We wanted the message to be spread across different platforms. Our website has a poll that measures the average of those who decided to do it.

Software: Indesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator

Testimonial poster for stress.


UptodateonCH is a website created on Wordpress, a personal project.Working with writers from social media that I found, we are able to communicate the topics to be placed on the site. This site includes all up to date on the Montreal Canadiens, Rocket de Laval and the prospects

Up to date on Montreal Canadiens, Rocket De Laval and the prospects.

Museum Booklet

The MMFA collections booklet is a 8-page document for viewers to use when touring the museum’s collections.We had to create a master head, footer and header for each collection of the museum. Using photos and text from the site, we needed to create a dynamic layout.We used paragraph styles for the text and descriptions of the art.

Software: InDesign

The MMFA Collections.