Im Angie

welcome to my little world

Who am i?


My name is Angie Choun. I am confident in my skills in web design because I am driven by a passion for creating. I love the satisfaction of solving problems and seeing a site go from mediocre to interactive. I am eager to show the world what I can offer to clients and to my future employer. I continuously adapt to new environments. I also keep up with maintaining a distinctive style. In a previous semester my design for the cover of my class’s yearbook was selected among the best. I designed a theme of new beginnings and creativity. While I’m confident in my abilities, you’re probably wondering, “but can she work well with others?” and the answer is, in fact, yes! I believe teamwork is fundamental and can increase the value of projects. In August 2018 I was nominated employee of the month because I’m attentive to helping and working with others. My dynamic energy will be a great asset to your team.