Maria Souvlos

Exercise 1.1: Loop Video (demo)

Exercise 2.1: Video Collage (demo)

Project 2: Video Collage

Exercise 3.1: Shot Compostion (demo)

Exercise 3.1: Shot Compostion

Project 3: Shooting An Event

Exercise 3.2: Event Details

My event was "Les Championnats De Sous-Section Québec" which took place from the 20th to the 23rd of september at Beauport. The video purposes was to showcase the emotions we feel, and rituals done before, during, and after the competitoion. This competition is one of the most important competitions,its the "semi-finals". If you qualify, then at finals, you have a chance to qualify for the next competition. Basically, there is 4 competition in this series that each have a qualifying round. It starts with Sous-Sections where they take top 24 out of 60, then Sections where they take top 12. These two competitions you compete against girls in Quebec. Then if you qualify, the next competion is against all of canada, which is called Challenge. From there, they take top 4 and the top 4 compete at Nationals which is the last round and it against Canadians. It was very hard to have the permission from my coach to film my experience, so I didnt get much from my point of view. But, he did allow me to film one of my friends experience. I was filming all the shots from my phone and pre-planned my morning routine. For the competition, I wrote down shots that i wanted to get and managed to get pretty much all of them.

Note: I made some changes to my video, the version under is the newest one.

Project 4: Stop Motion

Exercise 4.1: Stop Motion Plan

My plan for the stop motion is project is having someone siting on a chair pretending to drive and then having something in the way so that the person bumps into it. Id like to play happy music when she is pretending to drive and then followed with dramatic music when she bumps into something.

Note: I made some changes to my video, the version under is the newest one.

Project 5: Interview Or Semi-scripted Scene

Exercise 5.1: Interview / Scene Plan

My interview will conclude a series of questions, that i will ask both my grandmother or my mother’s sisters, about their journey from Greece to Canada.

The Interview; The way I would like to film this interview is by having around 3 or 4 different scenes. One scene would be a serious, sit down interview to fully grasp their story. This scene would be filmed in my grandmothers home and would be one-on-one. The second scene I would like to have a more casual scene, such as sitting down on a couch where my mother and her sisters are speaking about their versions of their journey from Greece. Lastly, this scene would be the “artistic” scene. This scene would be evenly distributed throughout the interview. It would include close ups, wide angle, point of view angles and side angles.

The production; The equipment needed for this interview will be 2 cameras (regarding the sit down; one will be placed of the side of the scene and the other will be positioned in front). The lighting set up will be a basic clamp light. (Although, i have asked one of my friends that is a videographer if i could borrow his). I will also use a basic microphone and tripod. (hopefully he can also let me borrow his).The articles i want to include is pictures and objects that have come from Greece and things that they all have held onto their whole life.

Questions; 1. When did you come to Montreal? 2. How old were you and your children? 3. Why did you decide to come to Montreal? 4. Did you experience any struggles coming to Montreal? 5. Did you speak any English?