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Mobile App Video Presentation : Comptoir des Voisins
For this project, Marine and I decided to work together in order to make a quick video presentation for an app we are working on with a team back in France. We thought it would be an original and unique idea to present our app using the stop-motion technique. We decided to draw all of the characters and elements from the video by hand on a board, so it would give a more personal feel to the video.
The StoryBoard :
First, we wanted to make one scene where we could write the title of the video so that the audience knows straight away what we are going to talk about. Then we drew all of the different steps when using our app.

  • We drew the context: an isolated town.

  • Then, the user of the app that will enter all of the groceries he needs. .

  • The user that will help by getting the groceries and will bring them to his neighbour that submitted the order.

  • To finish we wanted to draw our logo and fade it in with the real one.
  • We added our Team’s logo as well as the credits.