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The planet Zandar is being under attacked by Hogan the Incriminer with his army of Kree aliens. As the Protectors of Space, it is your job to prevent the Kree drop pods to land on Zander to prevent civilian casualties and the destruction of Zandar. Be careful not to get yourselves killed either because the star system needs you. So, shoot those damn aliens out of the skies with your Gazerbeam and save Zandar!


Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move side to side (you can only move LEFT and RIGHT and not UP and DOWN) & Press SPACE to shoot your Gazerbeam.


Tap the RIGHT EDGE and LEFT EDGE of your screen in order to move side to side & top the BOTTOM EDGE of your screen to shoot your Gazerbeam.

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Game Designers

Kota Rahul Karanth

Daniel Cacatian


Kota Rahul Karanth


Daniel Cacatian


By Dubmood